Castle On The Mountain

Castle On The Mountain

Got a few paintings and sketches in the works but struggling to be happy with them recently.  This one annoys me too, but is in the lead compared to the other things in the works!  A castle on a mountain somewhere… probably Wales 🙂

Fable Anniversary UI Videos

At the start of 2013 I got asked if I wanted to work on a remastering of the original Fable game.  It was the release of the first Fable game, over 10 years ago, which made me want to work in the game industry.  I am thrilled and privileged to say that I have been able to work on the same game that opened my eyes and filled my dreams.  I dont think many can say that!

Here is a collection of videos showing some of the UI work I did for Fable Anniversary.  These videos show the PC version of the game using mouse and keyboard as the control system.

You can read more about each video and my processes on my portfolio pages:

Fable The Journey UI Videos

Going back a few years to 2012, fresh out of University I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work at Lionhead Studios as a UI Artist on the Xbox 360 Kinect title, Fable The Journey.

I realised I never got round to making some videos of that work, so here is a menu and HUD demonstration.

You can read a bit more about them and see some screenshots on my portfolio pages at:

Mr. Feathers

Mr. Feathers

I have vowed to do more painting and drawing in my spare time, this is the first finished piece of that vow!  It is based on a drawing I did in April 2015, imaginatively called Dragon No.8

I have learnt that painting feathers is hard…