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The Adventures of Captain Splodge

Over the past few months, I was given the opportunity to visit Caldicot Secondary School and talk to some of the pupils about game design.  The aim was to create a Flash based web game and get the pupils involved in the game design process.

I teamed up with Kate Killick and together we worked with the pupils to design elements of the game.  I was responsible for the art and animation implementation and Kate did the programming and sound.

Thanks to the pupils at Caldicot Secondary School who took part in designing the game concept, characters and levels.


Background Art

A while ago I started a project to create a flash game while working with some pupils at Caldicot Secondary School.  Here is some artwork I have been working on recently for our level design.

Please click on the thumbnails to see the full image…

Garden Background

Desert Background

Jungle Background

Sky Background

Underground Background

Underwater Background