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Modelled and textured the feathers for Morea.  These feathers will be health indicators within the game.  If you get hurt, a feather will drop off.  This has enabled us to avoid using a HUD.

Tree v3

For my first version of this tree I had used particles for the leaves, after testing the model in the Unity engine it turned out that the tree’s leaves exploded outwards.  To fix this problem I decided to use polygons rather than particles and sprites.  I manually created a series of planes and applied the leave texture to them.  After some positioning and scaling trial and errors I had a tree again.  I also created a bump and spec map for the leaves giving them some extra depth.

Morea Textured

Still having problems with the alpha channels in the high quality preview mode in Maya, but it renders quite nice 🙂  If no one else can figure out the alpha channel issue, we know that we can fix it in the engine (Unity) if needed.

Morea Renders Morea Render