Fable The Journey – Menus

World MapCollectables HUBCollectables Grid ViewCollectable DetailArcade MenuPause MenuI worked as a GUI Artist on the Fable The Journey project at Lionhead Studios.  I was tasked with creating an unique user interface style that would complement the game and its franchise.  I created a series of patterns and jagged swirl motifs which were used to frame menu elements as well as in the HUD during gameplay.

Shown on the left is a selection of menu screens I worked on as part of the GUI team.

The Map screen shows your progress through the story of the game and is filled with little animations such as previous story reminders, parting clouds, growing trees and hidden sea monsters.  I created a parallax effect using the land and sea which helped bring the map to life.

I spent a lot of time working on the collectables menu.  This acts as a place to browse and read more about the collectable items you can find on your journey.  It starts off with a Hub screen giving the player a quick overview of what they have found so far.  The player can then dive deeper and browse the the items in more detail, finding out more about their significance in the Fable franchise.

I worked closely with other artists and programmers on the team, delivering new concepts and progress updates regularly.

The project was powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and Scaleform.

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: Xbox 360

Studio: Lionhead Studios

Year: 2012