Jenny Brewer

Fable Anniversary on Steam

Today is the day!  Since the release of Fable Anniversary on the Xbox 360 at the start of the year, I have been working hard on helping to bring it to PC on Steam.  There are still a few hours left for you to pre-purchase!

Fable Anniversary is coming to Steam on September 12th, and pre orders are NOW OPEN!

An all new challenge!

If you’re an experienced Fable fan and you’re looking to test your mettle, then look no further. For the first time, you can increase the game’s difficulty setting to Heroic. With no Resurrection Phials to save you and more lethal enemies to contend with, you’ll find an all new challenge awaits even the most hardcore Fable fan.  This includes an increased Line of Sight for enemies, reduced damage on ranged weapons and reduced player armour levels.

Modding Support!

we’re very glad to announce that we’ll be bringing modding support to Fable Anniversary on Steam! At launch there will be a free, optional download which will give you the Unreal 3 Editor and all the data from the game, enabling you to completely change any of the art or animation in Fable Anniversary. We are also working to integrate this into Steam Workshops sometime after launch.

Improved graphics!

With the power of PC we’re able to bring you the Fable experience in new levels of high definition glory at 60+ frames per second, on anything up to a 4k resolution screen. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ll let these screenshots do the talking:

Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary

Improved sound!

On top of the audio overhaul Fable Anniversary received for the Xbox 360, we’ve gone a step further and redesigned various elements of the game’s audio throughout including improvements to magic, creatures, boss fights and environments.

Pre order NOW!

If that sounds good, then head on over to Steam now to pre order! As a special thanks to those who buy the game before launch everyone who pre orders will receive a FREE DLC pack, including the following items:

Fable Anniversary

A second content pack will be available for purchase at launch containing all of this:

Fable Anniversary

Check out Lionhead’s latest blogs for more information 🙂