Jenny Brewer

Drop Dead

I worked as a graphic artist on the Drop Dead VR project at Pixel Toys.  I was tasked with creating a UI system from scratch for a high quality mobile VR experience.

The idea behind the UI styling was that the player is wearing a high-tech headset which they are given in game, this was to help justify the sensation of wearing the Samsung Gear VR headset in real life.  The UI makes use of a lot of digital style effects while still trying to maintain clear readability in a VR environment.

My work pictured below is how the game launched in October 2016.

Drop Dead HUD

Drop Dead Frontend

I also created the game logo and marketing art which was used as part of the product launch in October 2016.  The artwork was created by using 3D in-game assets and posing them to suit.  There was a lot of positioning work to get a composition I was happy with and using Photoshop for layering different assets as well as some digital paint work to really make the image and logo pop!

Drop Dead Marketing Art

Publisher: Pixel Toys

Format: Samsung Gear VR

Studio: Pixel Toys

Year: 2016