Jenny Brewer

Fable Anniversary – Albion Map

Fable Anniversary Albion Map I worked as a GUI and 2D Artist on Fable Anniversary by Lionhead Studios.  Fable Anniversary is a remastering of the Fable The Lost Chapters, which is now 10 years old!  I was tasked with creating a remastered user interface which would honour the original game while still achieving a freshness which suits the current generation of consoles.

Albion Map ComparisonI was given the opportunity to redraw the map of Albion, I was thrilled by this as I often loved drawing maps when I was younger!  I started this task by tracing the original low resolution artwork and creating vector outlines for the land masses and details in Adobe Illustrator.  Once I had a good outline I then started experimenting with colour and textures, I wanted to create a hand drawn feel while maintaining a familiarity to the original design and colours.  A comparison of the original design and my new version can be seen in the image to the left.

Fable Anniversary Map MenuThe map is used in multiple in-game menus and loading screens, as well as a new full screen map menu which allows players to zoom in and pan around to explore every fine detail.  It was important to me that the map should become more of a feature.  I added animated elements to the map such as creatures, ocean waves and boats, these would appear as the player progresses through the game and act as a reminded of what happened in those locations.

I wrote a blog comparing the original UI from 10 years ago with my updated UI.  Read about it here:

The project was powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and Scaleform.

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: Xbox 360

Studio: Lionhead Studios

Year: 2014