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Fable Anniversary HUD

Fable Anniversary HUD Xbox

Fable Anniversary PC HUD I worked as a GUI and 2D Artist on Fable Anniversary by Lionhead Studios.  Fable Anniversary is a remastering of the Fable The Lost Chapters, which is now 10 years old!  I was tasked with creating a remastered user interface which would honour the original game while still achieving a freshness which suits the current generation of consoles and PC systems.

Fable Anniversary HUD Xbox

While designing the HUD, I wanted to create something that remained familiar to players who have played the original game while still creating a fresh and refined UI. The visual treatment I decided on uses golden framed elements to help celebrate Fable Anniversary and give a bit of elegance. The HUD uses over 400 unique icons for displaying objects including items, characters and spells. I recreated all icons as vector shapes which has allowed them to be resized quickly and easily for multiple uses. The Mini Maps have been restyled to have a more hand drawn look and the map container can be easily resized or completely hidden for the more advanced player. As you play the game, elements of the HUD fade in and out as and when they are needed, minimising the amount of information on screen at any one time. Players also have complete control over the HUD opacity. If you want to raise the difficulty of your game, try setting it to 0%!!!

Fable Anniversary QuestI also took the opportunity to rework the Quest screens in to something that felt more physical.  I went with the idea of using a paper card that would get stamped by the Heroes Guild once a quest was completed successfully.  Any rewards gained are shown clearly along with the option of flipping the card over to view a more detailed breakdown.

Fable Anniversary Quest Details

I wrote a blog comparing the original UI from 10 years ago with my updated UI.  Read about it here:

The project was powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and Scaleform.

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: Xbox 360

Studio: Lionhead Studios

Year: 2014