Jenny Brewer

Fable Fortune Card Design

Fable Fortune Cards

Fable Fortune Cards

I worked as a lead graphic artist on the Fable Fortune project at Lionhead Studios.  I was tasked with directing the UI layout and visuals while also communicating the Fable art style to an external development team.


Card UX Wireframes

Card design plays a massive part for a Collectable Card Game, especially a digital one.  The cards need to look valuable and pleasing while still maintaining clear readability.

The first step to solve this problem was to treat the cards as their own UI.  I drew up a number of wireframes to quickly explore different options.

Rough Card Concepts

The more successful wireframes were picked out and I started doing some rough concepts for how the card image and text could be framed.  I kept this stage as quick shapes to allow fast iteration and discussions with the team.

The designs went through a lot of iteration and discussion as to what the patterns and visuals could be.  But eventually we ended up with the result you can see at the top of this article!  In the images, my work was focused around the frame, card backing pattern and information elements only, the concept art placed behind the UI elements was provided by the concept artists on the project.

Sadly Lionhead Studios came to a close before I could finish my work on the project, but the cards looked as pictured in April 2016.

The project continues to live on as some of my colleagues were able to continue development working as a new independent studio. You can follow the progress of the game on its website :

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: Xbox One and PC

Studio: Lionhead Studios

Year: 2016