Jenny Brewer

Fable The Journey – HUD

Fable The Journey - Combat HUD

Fable The Journey - Boss Combat HUD

Fable The Journey - Combat HUD

I worked as a GUI Artist on the Fable The Journey project at Lionhead Studios.  I was tasked with creating an unique user interface style that would complement the game and its franchise.  I created a series of patterns and jagged swirl motifs which were used to frame HUD elements as well as in both the front end and pause menu screens.

The layout of elements was carefully considered and placed using Adobe Flash and Actionscript.  I am particularly proud of the health bar animations which change based on the health status.  The hearts shatter as the players character takes damage.  When the health is very low, the remaining hearts get larger and a pulse animations kicks in getting more violent as the health decreases.  The idea behind this is to attract the players attention and alert them that they need to take defensive action to recharge their health bar.

Fable The Journey - Horse Travel HUD

Fable The Journey - Arcade Mode HUD

I worked closely with other artists and programmers on the team, delivering new concepts and progress updates regularly.

The project was powered by the Unreal Engine 3 and Scaleform.

Publisher: Microsoft

Format: Xbox 360

Studio: Lionhead Studios

Year: 2012