Fable Fortune - Frontend Menu

Jenny brewer frontend menu idea

This example illustrates the first rough planning stages for an idea of what the frontend menu could be. I was keen to make the menu a 3D scene as this would allow us to establish a suitable atmosphere in one of the first screens to greet players.

Jenny brewer fablefortunefrontendmenu plan

I created some 3D white boxes using Autodesk Maya to prototype my ideas along with some rough animations to help illustrate how to give some magic energy in to the cards!

Fable Fortune - Early Menu Concept Animations Video

Jenny brewer fablefortunefrontendmenu
Jenny brewer fablefortunekeyart

The menu set the mood of a fortune tellers table top very well, I worked up the scene in Photoshop to create the key art which was used as the key art for marketing the game.

I worked as a lead graphic artist on the Fable Fortune project at Lionhead Studios. I was tasked with directing the UI layout and visuals while also communicating the Fable art style to an external development team.

I created some initial rough sketches followed by some 3D white boxes using Autodesk Maya to prototype my ideas. These tests along with the planning sketches were invaluable when communicating what I would like to achieve with both the internal and external development team. We went through a series of iterations and feedback sessions to create a very atmospheric frontend menu.

Sadly Lionhead Studios came to a close before I could finish my work on the project. This is how the frontend menu looked around that time (April 2016)…

Publisher: Microsoft
Format: Xbox One and PC
Studio: Flaming Fowl Studios and Mediatonic
Year: 2016

September 6, 2017