Fable Anniversary - HUD

Jenny brewer fableanniversary hud pc
Jenny brewer fableanniversary hud xbox
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Jenny brewer fableanniversary hud 2

I also took the opportunity to rework the Quest screens in to something that felt more physical. I went with the idea of using a paper card that would get stamped by the Heroes Guild once a quest was completed successfully.

Jenny brewer fableanniversary hud 3

Any rewards gained are shown clearly along with the option of flipping the card over to view a more detailed breakdown.

Fable Anniversary - HUD UI

Fable Anniversary is a remastering of the Fable The Lost Chapters, which is now 10 years old! I was tasked with creating a remastered user interface which would honour the original game while still achieving a freshness which suits the current generation of consoles and PC systems.

While designing the HUD, I wanted to create something that remained familiar to players who have played the original game while still creating a fresh and refined UI. The visual treatment I decided on uses golden framed elements to help celebrate Fable Anniversary and give a bit of elegance.

Publisher: Microsoft
Format: Xbox 360
Studio: Lionhead Studios
Year: 2014

January 27, 2016