Fable Anniversary - Icons

Jenny brewer fableanniversaryicons1
Jenny brewer fableanniversaryicons2
Jenny brewer fableanniversarybadges

Some icons even made it as promotional badges for E3 2013!

Jenny brewer fableanniversaryicons chickens

Some extra icons were required for the PC release of the game, these chicken themed icons were used as badges on the Steam platform.

Fable Anniversary is a remastering of the Fable The Lost Chapters, which is now 10 years old! I was tasked with creating a remastered user interface which would honour the original game while still achieving a freshness which suits the current generation of consoles and PC systems.

The original game used over 400 unique icons for displaying objects including items, characters and spells. I recreated all of these icons as vector shapes which allowed them to be resized quickly and easily for multiple uses throughout the project. I made a few adjustments here and there as well as creating some brand new icons to fit in with the updated UI.

Publisher: Microsoft
Format: Xbox 360
Studio: Lionhead Studios
Year: 2014

January 27, 2016